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about me

est. 1998

Isabella Cesari is a director, playwright, lyricist, lighting designer, and producer born and raised in Toronto, Canada. An honours graduate of the University of Toronto, Isabella majored in Cinema Studies and completed minors in English and Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies, with a few physics and astronomy classes along the way. Her directing credits include Cabaret, Spring Awakening, Twelfth Night, Lizzie: The Musical, and her original musical, Miss You 'Til Tomorrow, co-written with Ian Chan. Outside of directing, Isabella has designed lighting, projections, and animations for Hedwig and the Angry Inch, worked as a production designer on Salt-Water Moon, and given a career-defining performance as a plate in Beauty and the Beast. She is also the founder and executive producer of Thaumatrope Theatre, a company whose mission is to create opportunities for early-career artists to collaborate and develop artistically. When not in a theatre or rehearsal hall, she also enjoys embroidery, film photography, and creating zines to showcase her visual art and writing work. 

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